have a general comment – who can I e-mail ?
Any general comments or chat to

Can you send me an email when a new study topic is published ?
Yes. That is one of the options of your membership of Terrific Scientific. To join, see our membership page.

Can I advertise on Terrific Scientific?
No. One of the perks of having a well paid job is that I can run a site like this at a complete financial loss, and not care! Plus I hate flashing banners and pop up advertisements. Having said that, I’m a banker, therefore always open to a good deal. So if, one day, you see advertising on this site, you know that someone has paid me enough money to buy off my principles ! Maybe if you are a charity or a good cause I might make an exception.
Send any questions to website_issues@terrific-scientific.co.uk

Can I put a link on Terrific Scientific?
Yes (ish). We will attach links to other websites where we think that they are relevant to articles and experiments published on the site. We will also display links to other sites that we think are particularly useful or educational. Our judgement in this matter is final. If we don’t like the site – that’s too bad.
Send useful website links to link_suggestion@terrific-scientific.co.uk

I disagree with an explanation on Terrific Scientific. I think that your explanation is wrong.
Good. That’s what science is all about. If you have an argument against our explanation, tell us why. If you think you have a correct explanation, send it in. Nobody is right all the time.
Send in your corrections to you_are_wrong@terrific-scientific.co.uk

The website is broken. A link is broken. I can’t seem to get something to work. I find the layout confusing.
Try and be specific about your problem, detailing exact pages, topics, and features. We always welcome feedback which will help the site remain bug free, informative, and easy to navigate for all users.
Send comments to website_issues@terrific-scientific.co.uk

I’d like to submit an article to be published on Terrific Scientific.
Fantastic ! Now we’re talking. We welcome all material, be it a scientific snippet, or a full experiment. You don’t need to be a web guru to do this. If you provide detailed explanations we will perform any experiments and take the necessary pictures to publish your work on our site. You can mail, e-mail, or fax your submissions to us. Full credit will be given to authors, but there will be no payments or fees. We do this for the good of science, not for profit ! Where appropriate, your work may be merged into other submissions and edited to produce a more rounded piece.
To find out more or download a contributors pack, visit our submissions page.

I’ve always wanted to know how something works, can you explain it ?
If you like the style of our explanations, and would like us to publish a study of a certain topic – let us know. We cannot provide an instant turnaround on this, and cannot guarantee that we will publish something at all. However, we will make our best efforts to answer your query.
Send any requests to suggested_topics@terrific-scientific.co.uk

I would like to buy this site – can I ?
No. . . . . well yes. If you can offer me a life of luxury and a large sprawling beach house in the Caribbean. Otherwise I have enough money thanks, and doing this is just too much fun.

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